Time Tracking

Time & billing for CPA firms is a fundamental feature of FirmTamer. That’s why we made it as easy as possible to use throughout the software. Use the Kanban board, the client details screen, or the timesheet screen to to enter time and record notes as you update your tasks. Tracking billable, non-billable, and admin time is fully integrated with task management.

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Track Time Using the Kanban Board

From the Kanban board, you can track time in two different ways. Either click “Add Time” on the task or drag and drop the task into a new status. Either way, a window will pop up to prompt you to enter your time as well as comments.

Track Time From the Client Details Screen

From the Client Details screen, you can track time by clicking on the relevant job and task, and then clicking the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the Time Entries box.

Track Time on Your Time Sheet

You can also track time by going directly to your Time Sheet screen. Simply scroll down to the Time Sheet Entry section, select the client, job, and task, and enter your time and comments.