One of the keys to a firm’s success is to quickly and accurately bill clients for the work you have performed. With FirmTamer, as work flows through your firm, the associated time is being tracked and recorded. Then, either when a job is completed or at the time interval of your choosing, you can easily get a list of your unbilled time to add it to an invoice. Time entries can easily be added to a client’s invoice from any of that client’s jobs or tasks.

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Another key in this process is measuring both the discounts given and appreciation earned through the work process. Any discounts given can be assigned specifically to the team member(s) responsible for them. Likewise, appreciation (essentially doing the work in less time than anticipated) can be allocated to the responsible team member(s). Both discounts and appreciation can be allocated to a single team member or several—whichever is appropriate. This provides objective information to help you better evaluate the efficiency of each team member.