Reporting & Analytics

Probably the most difficult part of managing a firm without a good system is capturing and then acting upon good, useful, and accurate information. How many times have you needed to make a key decision but not had any real data upon which to base that decision? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how long a tax return has been in your office? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know which clients are more profitable than others? Do you wonder which professional services contribute the most to the bottom line? When it comes to annual reviews, do you know the profitability of each member of your team? We feel your pain and have been in the same struggle since 1996. FirmTamer will provide you with actionable information about team members, clients and products. 

All reports are fully filterable and sortable.  You can filter by date, user, client, item, item category, billing status, etc…

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Here are just some of the reports FirmTamer offers:

Time Reports:

Invoice Reports:

Task Reports:

Client Reports: